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What services are offered?

IT technical assistance, including maintenance of computers and notebooks; cleaning, diagnosing and repairing defective components; peripheral configuration; installation and optimization of operating systems; assembly of environments for home-office and streaming / gaming setup; computer and technology classes for adults and seniors, among others.


How much is charged?

Prices vary depending on the type of service contracted: number of hours employed, complexity, urgency, type of service (in-person or remote). I recommend getting in touch to talk about the problem and in minutes you will receive an initial cost estimate.


Do you offer a guarantee for services?

Yes, although the warranty period varies depending on the service contracted. One thing is certain: if after carrying out the services, the same problems reappear, I will make the necessary corrections at no additional cost


What is the response and repair time?

Response time is maximum 2 hours and repair may vary based on the complexity of the problem. For most services,I aim to complete the work on the same day, or within a maximum of 3 working days. In any case, deadlines are aligned constantly with the client.


Do you provide home service?

Yes, I offer at home services throughout South and Center Zone of Rio de Janeiro and some other areas (e.g. Tijuca), as well as remote service. If you prefer to leave your equipment directly with me, I am available at, Botafogo (Rua Lauro Muller, 36) next to Shopping Rio Sul (Botafogo metro).


What are the classes for adults and seniors like?

Computer and technology classes are structured to be light, relaxed, yet attentive to didactics and the needs and prior knowledge of these students. Generally, they start with basic concepts and, little by little, advance to more specific topics, according to interests and emphasis on tutored practice.

If you don't find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch.

WhatsApp: (21) 97245-6755



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